Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation

Located in a remote, arid area of Laikipia North, Osuguroi Women group has gradually been developing over time. It has a total of 40 members;35 women and 5 men. The group was stared in November 2013.


• ‘Osuguroi’ is a maasai name for aloe. They gave that name to their group since that was their very first project. The group begun by planting the aloe on one hectare of land that was not productive enough as per their expectation. That forced them to make individual contributions to buying a now 10 hectares piece of land where they operate all their projects. They are now able to sell their fresh aloe leaves to Lush cosmetics as well as make products like soap from them.

• IMPACT gave them 25 beehives to keep bees within the aloe plantation. Honey harvested is sold to both locals as well as visitors.

• Bead project – the women make beads and beaded art items that they also sell.

• Kitchen garden – this is a small garden within their land where they plant vegetables for their uptake as well as income gain.

These achievements have enabled them to create their own sustainable system to generate food security, a new source of income and foster empowerment.


Inadequate water supply – being in an arid area, water is a major problem for Osuguroi Women group.

Meeting space – they do not have a hall to carry out their meetings or seminars and that's a major challenge since they can not host their guests well.

Human-wildlife conflict – elephants are the greatest challenge they face. They assail the farm destroying the crop causing losses.


IMPACT has been on the forefront in supporting Osuguroi Women group.

Its projects include;

◦ Training on resource mobilization.
This is securing new and additional resources for an organization. It also involves making better use of, and maximizing, existing resources.

◦ Training on book keeping.
This is a tool used by management to analyze business performance and keep track of all everything for better business performance.

◦ IMPACT also aided them in formulation of a business plan.
This is a road map to an organization’s success. It outlines marketing plans, sales, manufacturing as we as the design. A good business plan means more investors.

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