Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation

Naatum Women group, located in Laikipia North sub-county is composed of 32 members and occupies 3 hectares of land.


• Aloe Vera project – they have been able to make shampoo and soap from the Aloe Vera. This cosmetic products are sold to both locals and visitors.

• Bee keeping project – IMPACT supplied beehives for the group from which they have been able to harvest honey for not only their consumption but also for selling.

• Kitchen garden – in spite of being in an arid area, Naatum Women group has been able to plant vegetables and fruits in their small garden. They have a rock catchment project that supplies water to them and they water their crops using a hose pipe.

• Rock water catchment – this is an IMPACT funded project that has seen a constant water supply to them. That water is also used by the community around.


Human-wildlife conflict – elephants’ invasion is the greatest challenge they face. They invade the farm destroying plants and structures causing losses.

IMPACT’s projects

In accordance to IMPACT’s mandate of ensuring growth of livelihoods and economic empowerment among indigenous communities, we have been able to facilitate a few projects within the group including;

• Developing of a business plan for the women

• Setting up of the beehive project

• Facilitating the Aloe Vera project

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