Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation

Laikipia Violent Evictions

Last Night the 28 th of April 2018 and Today over 2000 people living in Kisiriri and Pessi Marura will be spending the night in the cold.

Their Homes have been burnt down with all their valuables,their property vandalized and looted and their dignity stripped off.

Clearly their basic human rights have been violated and most importantly the eviction procedure totally disregarded!

We appeal to well wishers ,red cross Kenya and other humanitarian agencies, CAJ, KNHRC, NCIC, IPOA and our partners to support this vulnarable Community. .

Over 400 homes torched by security forces and pastoralists displaced, arrests, injuries and Human Rights abuses reported by the affected. What does the Kenyan law say about evictions.. IMPACT teams on the ground collecting evidence for legal action. pastoraists are Kenyan citizens....moving? To where?