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Twala Tenebo cultural Manyatta is located in Ilpolei, Laikipia North sub-county. It is composed of 203 members and lies on 40 hectares of land. It was started by a group of Maasai women who take shifts in manning the center. Twala is part of Naibung'a community conservancy.


• Production of cosmetics based on Aloe Secundiflora. They plant the Aloe Vera on their land and earn from its sales.

• Bee keeping project - IMPACT supplied them with beehives that they place within the Aloe Vera plantation. They have been able to harvest honey for their own consumption as well as for selling.

• Bead project – they have a beads shed where they make ornaments and different household decor.

• They have cottages which offer accommodation to visitors of the facility at a fee. The various interaction with visitors has exposed them to many opportunities including placing them as a strategic point for tourism.

The facility has managed to offer financial stability to its members by enabling them to enhance their income and through that enabling them to put local girls through school and in turn this has offered them equal opportunities to their male counterparts.


Inadequate water supply – being in an arid area, water is a big problem.

Human-wildlife conflict – elephants are the greatest challenge they face. They assail the farm destroying plants and structures causing losses.

Erosion – soil erosion is major in Twala area.The loose soil in the area fosters the erosion leading to desolation of land.

IMPACT’s projects

In accordance to IMPACT’s mandate of ensuring growth of livelihoods and economic empowerment among indigenous communities, we have been able to facilitate a few projects within the group including;

• Developing of a business plan for the women

• Setting up of the beehive project

• Facilitating the Aloe Vera project

• Promoting the growth of the Maasai culture through bead sales.

• Facilitating the sponsorship of girls’ education on behalf of sponsors.

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